Turn Off Service

Turn Off Service

Thank you for your business! Here are the steps we'll take to turn off the electricity and / or natural gas to your home or business:

  • After submitting the Turn Off Service form, you'll receive an e-mail confirmation. In that e-mail, we may ask you to provide additional information.
  • If a security deposit was required as a condition of service, and is still being held by NYSEG, the amount will be applied to the final bill and/or transferred to other NYSEG accounts you may have in your name.

  • If a new owner or tenant is moving right in, you can avoid the need for a NYSEG service call by providing us with a meter read when you are ready to move out.

  • Access to the meters may be required.

Winterize your property for cold weather protection!
If the electricity and/or natural gas service is turned off, you must protect your pipes from freezing by draining the water system and adding a nontoxic antifreeze (such as antifreeze for a recreational vehicle) to all traps, including toilets and sinks. Contact a licensed plumber to learn more about this important precaution.