Turn On Service


    Thank you for your business! Here are the steps we’ll take to deliver electricity and / or natural gas to your home or business:

    • After submitting the Turn On Service form, you'll receive an e-mail confirmation. In that e-mail, we may ask you to provide additional information.

    • If a security deposit is required as a condition of service, a Customer Service Representative will contact you.

    • Service already on at your new location? Avoid the need for a NYSEG service call by providing us with a meter reading when you place service in your name.

    Building or remodeling? Before you fill out the Turn On Service form, please know:

    • If your request for service is for a premise without NYSEG electric and/or natural gas facilities installed, you should complete our New Service Installations Form instead of the Turn on Service form.

    • You’ll need to contact NYSEG at 1.800.572.1111 instead of submitting our online form if the service has been inactive for two or more years. If this is the case, a licensed electrical inspector must inspect the electricity service. For natural gas service, a minimum pressure test at 3 pounds for 10 minutes must be completed. This can be completed by a licensed plumbing and/or heating contractor or you may do this yourself.