Things to Check Before You Begin

  • Turning on service for a premises without NYSEG electric and/or natural gas installed?

    Use the New Construction Form.

  • If your gas or electric service has been inactive for more than two years, a safety inspection is required. Please call us at 800.572.1111.

To respect your privacy, we will not enter your residence without an adult on-site or permission to use a key.

Mandatory Safety Precautions

If the electricity service is not already on:

  • For safety reasons, the main breaker needs to be turned off or the main fuses need to be pulled prior to turn on.
  • If you are unable to locate the fuses prior to turn on, please arrange to have an adult present when we arrive.

For natural gas service:

  • If natural gas service is not already on, we’ll need access to all natural gas appliances to light pilots (if any) and trace natural gas lines, and access to the thermostat if you have a natural gas heating system.
  • For safety reasons, the electricity service must be on prior to turning on the natural gas service.
  • If the premises has a natural gas water heater or boiler/baseboard hot water heating system, the water system must be operational prior to turning on the natural gas service.
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Meter Location

Meter Location

Key Permission Would you provide us with a key and permission to use it?

Before we can turn on your electricity and/or natural gas service, we will need to make arrangements to gain access to your indoor meter(s). Please contact our Customer Relations Center at 800.572.1111, Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. and a Customer Service Representative will assist you.